Maiandros Vase

In ancient Greece, Maiandros (also known as Greek key) was one of the most popular decorative motives, comprising one continuous line in a repetitive geometric pattern. In its contemporary incarnation, Μaiandros is made of porcelain and acquires a 3rd dimension, abandons its austere shape, defies predictability and gravity, and transforms to a playful and fresh everyday object which awaits to accentuate one of the most beautiful things man has ever known in any era: the flower.

Tubular Chair

To paraphrase Magritte « Ceux-ci ne sont pas des tuyaux ». So, these are not tubes. But, what are they then? Of course TUBES is a seat but, frankly, we cannot tell you anything more because it depends entirely on you. Do you see exhaust pipes in a monster truck? Or maybe a fitness machine? Someone even said a church organ with a molex power connector!

The human imagination is a wonderful thing because it is so uniquely personal and boundless, so why not indulge in it? TUBES is exactly what you imagine it to be. And when one day it seems something completely different, don’t forget to thank your imagination.